LGBT Week NYC May 15-19, 2017: Updated Programming Announcement

LGBT Week NYC is only one month away, and the programming is coming on strong for this year's event! Produced in partnership with Community Marketing & Insights, and sponsored by Rivendell Media and Argentina, it looks like this will be the biggest year yet!

Additional sponsors for this year include Israel Ministry of Tourism, Hornet and Q.Digital.

Just published online is the agenda for Wednesday's 10th Annual LGBT Advertising & Marketing Symposium.  Presentations include The Power of Sound for LGBTQs and Allies, presented by Joel Shoemaker of iHeartMedia. Paul Zetti of T.Rowe Price will be reviewing some of their research and activation experiences with LGBT pride in 2016, and Scott Seitz will be reviewing the work done by MillerCoors in Winning Hearts and Minds, putting forward the business case for the LGBT sales team.

New to Wednesday's programming will be a panel on Current Events from an LGBT Perspective, with the editors/leaders of Huffington Post Queer Voices, Queerty, BleuLife Media, Here Media and Rivendell Media.  There will also be a panel discussing the African-American LGBT Consumer, as well as a presentation on how to reach LGBT Bears.  Also new to the stage will be the folks from Love and Pride Jewelry, talking about Bricks and Clicks in the LGBT marketplace.  The day wraps up with a reception held in the same conference venue, New York Times Conference Center, brought to us by Absolut Vodka/Pernod Ricard.
For the complete Wednesday agenda in PDF format, click here.

Edwin Seth Brown, well known in the LGBT business community and new to Hornet, was just added to Thursday’s program.  He'll be presenting on The Blazing Speed of Consumer Behavior Change and how this change impacts a company's opportunity to carry their message and influence behavior in the LGBT community today.
For the complete Thursday agenda, click here.

We're very excited to be teaming up with Talonya Geary and her team at, where they'll be producing an entirely new segment to LGBT Week NYC on Friday, titled inQ: An Incubator For Queer Thought Leadership.  Held at the Film Center Ampitheater at Lincoln Center, this interactive program brings together LGBTQ+ thought leaders from across the sectors and living at the intersections to deliver a leading edge, experiential event.   It's designed to advance your knowledge and expand your peer group by learning from LGBTQ+ Thought Leaders, sharing experiences and ideas in the areas of business, the arts, social impact / policy, well-being and technology.
For more info on this program, click here.

Be sure to take advantage of our early registration for these events.  The best package overall is our All Access Pass for the entire week’s set of programs, at $375 until April 15th, 2017.  Register here at

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The LGBT "TwitterSphere" - This is Where the LGBT Eyeballs are Going Today!

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We look forward to seeing you all there!!!


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