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How Do I Get My Web 2.0 and Social Networking World All Working Together in Synchronized Harmony?

Finding the most efficient ways of using photos, blogs and videos to promote your company on the Internet, far and wide! It’s interesting, but as we enter into the latter half of 2009, we can look back less than a year and see how when it comes to social network marketing, we’re living history as we speak. There was a day when only a small handful of early adopters even knew what Twitter was. Now, it’s become part of our daily dialogue (can you say “Tweet”), the way “ Google ” has turned into “Googling” and become a verb. From our July 2009 Gay Business Report , we went into great detail as to how and why to use Twitter, and over the past two months, even more has evolved on this topic that provides even greater relevancy to using Twitter in our business lives. But Twitter is still only part of the story, as it is both one of our primary TOOLS for managing our online content and one of our primary TOUCH POINTS for communicating our content’s message to a wide and rele

How the Social Networks Can All Work Together

We are working on an article for the September 2009 Gay Business Report that ties in nicely with Part 2 of our upcoming webinar we are doing on September 2nd, focusing on some of the more advanced trends and techniques in social network marketing as we enter the latter half of 2009. The focus of this article, and what we touch on in our webinar and offer as a service to our clients, is all about setting a social network marketing strategy that includes and brings together the various social network marketing activities a person or company is doing, into one cohesive marketing plan and execution. Part 1 of our discussions is always easy... it focuses on Facebook , as Facebook is a great place for most of us to start... to cut our teeth, so to speak, on how social network marketing works. And for many of us, Facebook can be the beginning and the end of our social network marketing strategy, as it provides us a platform from which to speak our mind (status updates), share links of o

LGBT Marketing Symposia Coming to NYC & Philadelphia

Philadelphia on 28 September • New York City on 29 September Community Marketing, Inc. and Pink Banana Media have announced half-day educational and networking symposia for business leaders interested in growing their LGBT market share. The California Gay & Lesbian Market Symposia follow successful programs held in New York City (2007) and Chicago (2008) and Los Angeles and San Francisco in Spring 2009. Participants from across the region, as well as throughout North America are invited to attend the Symposia. Philadelphia , Monday, Sept. 28, 9:00am to 12:30pm at the Hub Meeting & Event Center New York City , Tuesday Sept. 29, 9:00am to 12:30pm at the NYC Conference Center "In a soft economic market, the gay and lesbian segment presents an especially valid and viable opportunity for growth,” said David Paisley, the event organizer. “The Gay & Lesbian Market Symposium offers a comprehensive research, advertising, marketing, and communication

Announcing our new Social Network Marketing and Web 2.0 Tutorials Course

A Complete Social Network Marketing Plan & Strategy for only $450 Learn to master the world of Social Networking and unlock this marketing potential for your business! Based upon our successful seminar and webinar series we've been presenting on Social Network and Web 2.0 Marketing over the past few years, we've developed this 5-part Social Network Marketing Tutorials Course series , walking you through each step in promoting your company using social network marketing in a careful and very detailed format. Level 1: Setting Up Your Accounts (Your Content Tools and First Touch Points) Laying the groundwork: your social network identity Deciding which path to take and which strategy to follow - should you blog? Setting up a blog ( Google's , and , just to name a few options) set up a Flickr or Picasa photo account (multimedia sharing) set up Twitter account and start by going through the followers list of people you know... you&#