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VisitBritain and Visit London: Marketing Strategies for Staying Competitive in the Gay and Lesbian Market

There are several marketing campaigns in the GLBT community that most everyone is familiar with - the Absolut campaign with their back cover ads on various GLBT print publications, the American Airlines campaigns ranging from event sponsorship to print and online advertising to extensive in-person networking with the infamous Rainbow Team, and the then there is the VisitBritain and Visit London advertising campaigns, consistently running for the past several years in a way that continually reminds us of the UK as a top GLBT travel destination. It seems that everywhere we would turn we would run into some marketing effort of this campaign, ranging from a billboard on Santa Monica Boulevard to a large booth at Chicago’s North Halstead Market Days (with hot, kilt-wearing men recruiting passers-by to come on over), with all points online and in print covered in between.

So how did they do it? As a destination ahead of the curve and setting the path for other destinations to follow, what i…

Pink Banana Media Releases Essential 2009 Gay Market Report

Pink Banana Media Releases Essential 2009 Gay Market ReportExtensive Report Details Opportunities Available Within Gay & Lesbian MarketplaceLOS ANGELES [SEPT. 18 2008] Pink Banana Media, founded by President Matthew Skallerud, has just released its 2009 Gay Market Report, a comprehensive report detailing various opportunities and media sources for companies that wish to target the gay & lesbian community.The 146-page report contains a summary of opportunities available to businesses, including web site links for those they wish to get in contact with. For media outlets that have chosen to participate by including their information in the guide, readers will find a more precise breakdown of information, including contact details that will allow readers to make better informed decisions as to which sources will best serve their marketing needs.Every year, the book is updated accordingly with the most current information and will continue to grow along with the gay & lesbian …

IGLCC Summit in London, Sept 19-20, 2008

We had an incredible time at the IGLCC Summit in London this past week. With almost 100 registrants, this organization continues to grow and should be a must-attend GLBT business-to-business event in 2009 with the conference scheduled in July in Copenhagen, coinciding with the OutGames.

We had great networking opportunities and workshops focused on GLBT marketing as well as a detailed explanation about their upcoming corporate ratings index they're debuting this year.

Side events including a very pleasant reception at the Novotel hotel sponsored by VisitLondon and Accor Hotels, as well as a closing cocktail mixer at Simmons and Simmons law firm in London.

Whilst I was there in London (my English accent is now developing), I did arrive early so that I'd be wide awake during the conference and thus enjoyed London a bit on my own before the conference began. I attended the store relaunch of ROB London, a very cool and hip leather shop in Soho, as well as had a chance to really enj…

Online Gay Marketing and Web 2.0 - Las Vegas, LA and Miami

Marketing to the Gay Community on the Internet?
Looking for valuable insights? A competitive edge?

Attend This Gay Market Seminar
ONLINE Gay Marketing and Web 2.0

Las Vegas, NV
Thursday, October 9, 2008 - 2:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Paris Hotel (Loire Room)
Snacks included

Los Angeles, CA
Tuesday, November 11, 2008 - 9:00 am to 11:00 am
Hilton LAX Hotel (in Carmel Room)
5711 W Century Blvd / Los Angeles, CA 90045
Breakfast included!

Miami, FL
Tuesday, March 24, 2009 - 9:00 am to 11:00 am
Wyndham Miami Airport Hotel
3900 NW 21st Street, Miami, FL 33142
Breakfast included!

COST: $75
Certainly, everyone is aware of the gay market. You're likely already involved. But how can you "think outside of the triangle" and advance your positioning in this increasingly competitive space? We will be showing you some of the current trends in making outreach to consumers using the latest Web 2.0 tools including MySpace, FaceBook, Blogs, YouTube, RSS/XML and more. Find out how and why other companies are …

Where Have All The Gay People Gone?

There is an interesting phenomenon sweeping the gay community these days. Although there is a lot of discussion and conjecture as to what is going on, to date no one has quite been able to put their finger on it. That phenomenon, quite simply is, "where have all the gay people gone?"

You may be confused, telling yourself you know where they all are - they're in the gay villages all throughout urban centers across the world. The reality is that they are not… at least not in the numbers that we have seen in the 80's and 90's, when gay life really came into its own. During that time numbers were high in several national gay publications and multiple local gay newspapers in regions such as Los Angeles, New York and even Louisville, Kentucky. In the late 90's, the GLBT websites hit the scene, with, and taking an early lead in what had become a global phenomenon in its own right. This phenomenon, the rise of the Internet, affe…

2009 Gay Market Report Introduction

Welcome to the 2009 Gay Market Report, a comprehensive look at various opportunities and media sources for companies wishing to target the gay & lesbian community.

Much of what you will find in this report is a summary of the opportunities available, with website URLs being the primary source of contact. For the media sources that have opted to participate in this guide, you'll find a more comprehensive breakdown of information along with contact details to allow you to make better informed decisions as to which sources may best serve your marketing needs.

This guide is intended to cover the full range of gay & lesbian media sources and opportunities, including Internet, Print, E-mail, Events and more. Each year this guide will be updated with current information and will continue to grow along with the gay & lesbian media marketplace.

Brief History of the Gay Market
The emergence of gay & lesbian media is a somewhat recent phenomenon of the past 30 years. Starting …

September 2008 Gay Business Report

In This Issue
Special Introduction to the 2009 Gay Market Report
Introducing the annual 2009 Gay Market Report, available today. This market report focuses on all aspects of the GLBT community and how to reach it. New articles include the latest marketing trends including how blogs can help your business, how can help you reach business contacts like never before, how can help you target specific niches and industries, and much, much more..... How Is Social Media Changing The Face of Marketing
For many years, traditional marketing was in the form of one-way communication. Through public relations and advertising campaigns, companies put forth value propositions to generate market appeal, attract and retain customers, and drive sales by talking "to" their potential customers..... Spotlight on Feast of Fools
One of the most popular talk shows on the Internet today, as well as one of the originals in the gay market, Feast of Fools, alternately know as Gay …