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Technology and the LGBT Business Community Come Together Like Never Before

It has long been reported on how the LGBT community tends to be early adopters of technology, starting years ago with our embrace of dial-in modem chat rooms (we can be very creative when it comes to meeting online) to where we’re at today with smart phone technology and some of the cool LGBT apps that make the gay & lesbian world just a bit more accessible as well as closer together.  But it is the trend in technology and the LGBT business community that has really come together over the last few years, with one of the highlights of 2011 being the presence of Google at the recent IGLTA Convention in Fort Lauderdale this past week.  With over 500 travel business professionals (gay and gay-friendly) in the audience, Google held everyone’s attention for almost a full hour as they presented on stage a well-crafted presentation on how Google is doing more and more each day to make outreach to and better understand the LGBT community.  With topics ranging from search engine optimization