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2012 LGBT Marketing Conference in New York The Best Yet

Our recent 2012 LGBT Marketing Conference , in partnership with Community Marketing and held on May 18, 2012 at the Eventi Hotel in New York City was the best yet... going into its 6th year for 2013, it can only continue to expand and grow from there. The topics, as well as both the style and the quality of presentations, was exceptional.   Tom Roth and David Paisley of Community Marketing led the introduction and presentation, focusing on LGBT marketing trends and observations based up analysis of their most recent LGBT survey.  With the discussion also highlighting the importance of social media in how gays & lesbians discover news, travel destinations and more online, it was a perfect segue to our presentation on Social Media Marketing .  We debuted a fully updated presentation (see blog report here - )  with a number of key new points made in terms of both mobile marketing and the ro

Pink Banana Media Updated LGBT Social Media Presentation for 2012

Our Social Media and Web 2.0 presentation, showing companies how to best reach the LGBT community online using blogs, photos and videos and then distributing that content far and wide through Facebook, Twitter and more, has now been overhauled for 2012. Some of the major updates include a stronger focus on smartphone and mobile technologies, as our latest analysis of client websites shows that over 1/3 of their website traffic now comes from smartphones including iPhones, iPads, Android-based phones, Blackberries and the new Windows 7 phones. For those of you that saw our previous 2.0 presentation, hopefully you recall when we suggested you focus your energy on getting mobile optimized? In addition, more companies are uploading content, including photos and videos, as a daily part of their social media outreach. In one click, content can be added to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, Tumblr, and Instagram, creating a more timely set of updates in today's world that has become