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Interpride - Vancouver - Oct 23-25, 2008

This was my first Interpride convention I'd attended thus far, and I can definitely say I'm looking forward to the 2009 Interpride Convention in St. Petersburg, Florida next year. I had the opportunity to present a full hour of Web 2.0 and Social Network marketing tips to the conference attendees, and it went over very well. Getting that out of the way on a nice Thursday morning allowed me to relax for the rest of the conference and hang out with all of my new Interpride friends, where we had one of our first evening events at Celebrity's Nightclub in downtown Vancouver. Somehow the night just took us away, and the next thing I know we're off dancing with more new Interpride friends at the neighboring club, Odyssey. Good times! The wine tasting event on Friday night was another winner, and on Saturday the Gala Dinner brought us all together for one final evening of great food and fun entertainment. Of course we all wandered off to Celebrity's again (after a pit

NGLCC and their New York Team

We all had a great time in NYC this past week... I flew out for some meetings and to do a presentation to Justin Nelson, Chance Mitchell and the NGLCC board about social network marketing and Web 2.0... a lot of good questions were raised and it'll be exciting to see how this new form of marketing integrates nicely into the current success story that NGLCC is today! Afterwards, of course, we all met for happy hour, where I got a chance to spend more quality time with Vince of Wells Fargo and Brady from the Guggenheim Museum, as well as Rob Shmalo and Matt Link. Also joining us were Richard Oceguera and Thomas Kovaleskie, the two guys heading up the NGLCC-NY team. It was the start of a GREAT evening!

Howard Bragman's New Book - Where's My Fifteen Minutes

As you may already know, PR Veteran Howard Bragman and Founder of Fifteen Minutes has a new book coming out the first part of 2009 titled, Where’s My Fifteen Minutes? So what can one find in this book? Well, for one, there really is a heterosexual guy on TV. And he's actually quiet about it! And he's even played a gay! We're talking about Doug Savant , who portrays Tom Scavo on Desperate Housewives , but who first rose to attention as the fagelah Matt on Melrose Place . This all comes up in Howard Bragman 's upcoming book, Where's My Fifteen Minutes? , an exploration of the p.r. game and how to make it work for you. Check it out at:

Community Marketing Conference in Vancouver was GREAT as usual!

It seems like this past week has been a whirlwind. We all arrived in Vancouver on Sunday night, October 5th, for the opening night cocktail reception at the Sheraton and as usual, this night proved to be a prelude to what turned into a fantastic week of workshops, panels, seminars and good old fashioned networking with some of the leaders in the GLBT travel industry. Highlights include the party at Celebrity's on Tuesday night, hosted by Mya Lake Reyes of the Las Vegas CVA. But that was the closing night party... in between Sunday and Tuesday night, we were entertained by Travelocity at an incredible party at Oasis, as well as some over the top dinners with our friends at both (thanks to Gus Preston and Scott Furman) at Delilah's and thanks to Matthew Habib. At the workshops, some of the new information we learned included the Bear market thanks to Stevo of A Bear's Life Magazine (but Stevo, some of those video clips were just a tad over the top!) a

October 2008 Gay Business Report

Monthly Gay Business Report October 2008 Edition A monthly companion piece to the annual Gay Market Report , this monthly publication features select new articles from the Gay Market Report , as well as Current GLBT Business News relevant to companies targeting the GLBT community. In addition, we're featuring a variety of company spotlights on unique companies in the GLBT space, as well as successful companies reaching the GLBT community. In This Issue Where Have All The Gay People Gone? There is an interesting phenomenon sweeping the gay community these days. Although there is a lot of discussion and conjecture as to what is going on, to date no one has quite been able to put their finger on it. That phenomenon, quite simply is, "where have all the gay people gone?".... Marketing Strategies for Staying Competitive in the Gay and Lesbian Market An in-depth look at the success of VisitBritain and Visit London in the GLBT Marketplace There are several marketing camp