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Social Media HOW-TO Guide

Based upon our successful seminar and webinar series we've been presenting on Social Network and Web 2.0 Marketing over the past few years, we've developed this 17-part Social Network Marketing HOW-TO GUIDE, walking you through each step in promoting your company using social network marketing in a careful and very detailed format.

Building Your Web 2.0 Business Presence
Content Tools for your Web 2.0 Business Presence
How these basic social networking tools work together
Managing and promoting events in social networking
Facebook News Feed
Messaging and direct communication tools in social networks
Social network marketing and search
Facebook advertising - how to
Other social networks (automated ones including Plaxo and FriendFeed)
Other social networks (manual)
Putting Twitter To Use For Your Company
Other social networks useful for content
How to make your website's content maximized for social networking tools
Measuring Social Network Marketing ROI
Tips and Tricks
Twitter strategies