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Oct/Nov 2009 Gay Business Report

In This Issue Spotlight on Destination Marketing Utilizing Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, Photos and Video to Market a Destination to both Gay & Lesbian Travelers and Locals as well The formula commonly in use today incorporates a Facebook fan page, a blog, a Twitter account, a Flickr account, and occassionally a YouTube channel... all dedicated exclusively to featuring the best of a local destination.... Other Highlights Updates on our Social Network Marketing Webinars What Are Other Destinations Doing in Social Media HOW TO: Use Twitter Hashtags for Business Proud Out coverboy or dangerous stereotype?: Sacha Baron Cohen’s “BrĂ¼no” gives LGBT media much to report and ponder “CBS News on Logo” is LGBT media’s latest economic casualty A Bear’s Life Gold Card Program Appreciate Marketing: Sendout Cards Paranormal Activity - A Film & Social Network Marketing Download PDF

Social Network Marketing for Hotels, Resorts and Guest Houses

At times, I like writing my replies to clients in this blog as well... it provides me, as well as you, the reader, with a contemporary snapshot of what our company sees as the best overall strategy and formula for social network marketing at this moment in time. In 6 months from now, perhaps this strategy will change a bit, but overall, we believe this strategy does better than the old 80/20 rule of reaching 80% of your audience with a minimum of effort... we believe it's getting closer to 90/10 now! Hi Marti, I reviewed your website at http://www.x and I believe that for your cottage, what you would want to do is: Create a Facebook fan page Create a Twitter account Link these two up at Set up a blog and link this to the Facebook page using their “Notes” section and to Twitter using either or Next, come up with unique content for your blog, written in first person, that keeps your content and your property’s “stor