Social Network Marketing for Hotels, Resorts and Guest Houses

At times, I like writing my replies to clients in this blog as well... it provides me, as well as you, the reader, with a contemporary snapshot of what our company sees as the best overall strategy and formula for social network marketing at this moment in time. In 6 months from now, perhaps this strategy will change a bit, but overall, we believe this strategy does better than the old 80/20 rule of reaching 80% of your audience with a minimum of effort... we believe it's getting closer to 90/10 now!

Hi Marti,

I reviewed your website at and I believe that for your cottage, what you would want to do is:

  1. Create a Facebook fan page
  2. Create a Twitter account
  3. Link these two up at
  4. Set up a blog and link this to the Facebook page using their “Notes” section and to Twitter using either or
  5. Next, come up with unique content for your blog, written in first person, that keeps your content and your property’s “story” alive and well in the social networking world you’ve set up. Include any new seasonal promotions, specials, etc., as well as fun and unique stories related to life at your accommodation, the neighborhood, and the interesting guests you’ve had stay with you.
  6. Set up a photo account on and begin uploading some photos there and on your Facebook fan page about your property. When you have guests, upload those photos and identify the guests on Flickr, as well as ask them to stop by your Facebook fan page and leave a positive testimonial and tag themselves in the Facebook photos.
  7. Unique to hotels of all sizes, be sure to have a profile and monitor the reviews. Ask your folks to leave reviews there as well. For the GLBT audience, there is also, and for GLBT accommodation reviews.

I believe that with this formula, you’ll be hitting 90% of your potential audience with a minimum of effort, and that this effort will soon become your top marketing activity and your #1 source of new bookings. This formula/strategy will also significantly improve your website’s positioning in Google and Bing and will become a cornerstone in your search engine optimization (SEO) as well.

Attached is our rate card with more detailed information… please let me know if this might be of interest for you to pursue.

Matt Skallerud


Frederick said…

It is an excellent post.

Network Marketing is never an easy endeavour. When people start Network-Marketing business opportunities they are told by their upline to do all these activities to build their business and they should because they all work. Network marketing Success will happen when you learn to put the marketing back into Network Marketing.
Alphonso said…
Network Marketing System offers life varying business education. Even if you don't succeed at one business, you can take what you have learned there, and be relevant it to another network marketing business until you find the one that you are really passionate about and that you want to continue building for a lifetime.
Unknown said…

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Unknown said…
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