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Small Business Online in 2013 - Case Study: Jonathan Gatz Fitness

The following is a detailed breakdown, not only of what most of us know in 2013 when it comes to online and social media marketing ( Facebook ,  Twitter , etc.), but how it can all come together using the technology of #hashtags and ensuring those status updates, photos and videos related to our business are doing all they can in helping get the word out about our business product or service. Over the past 5 years, most companies have become comfortable in maintaining a  Facebook  page and ensuring that their website updates, photos and little status updates were kept up-to-date here.  Facebook has morphed and evolved over the years, and is now a tried and true success story in how companies can best promote and market themselves online.  The trick here for maximizing any social media marketing outreach is a combination of " reach " and " engagement ", getting the message out to a decent number of fans/followers and developing messaging that these folk

Destination Marketing Techniques Update for 2013 - Rainbow Halifax Promotion #RainbowHalifax

Working with , our company has recently done an online, social media promotion of the website, , with the promotional tagline " Open arms welcome you to Halifax, Nova Scotia, a breath of fresh air on Canada's East Coast where vibrant LGBT culture is woven into every aspect of the city ." What's unique about this promotion is how we began... rather than posting this on some of the most common social media pages and profiles first, we instead posted this first on the page dedicated to LGBT travel and tourism in Canada , .  We then "rescooped" this page onto our 2nd page dedicated to LGBT Destinations and Tourism , found at . The unique aspect of is its integration with social media in a way that's unprecedented in the online world to date... from this posting and its subsequent reposting in the LGBT

Gay Press Fully Recovered From Recession; Again Outperforms Overall Media, Annual Spend Survey Reveals

The numbers are in for 2012: latest Gay Press Report reveals ad spending in gay press at $322.6 million-  5.1% increase. Just in time for Gay Pride, Rivendell Media has released the annual Gay Press Report revealing that spending in the Gay Press for 2012 is at $322.6 million, up 5.1% from 2011 and showing The Gay Press has fully recovered from the Great Recession. Spending and circulation in the Gay Press is up for 2012- bucking the mainstream press. Actual spending is up just over 5% from 2011 to $322.6 Million.   Circulation of LGBT media is also up almost 5%. “The Gay Press is fully recovered from the recession,” says Todd Evans, President and CEO of Rivendell Media.  The Gay Press, once thought to be recession proof, was dramatically effected by the 2009 recession and spending (which had been always trending up- sometimes dramatically) showed wide swings from its all time high in 2009 to almost a 50% spendin