Destination Marketing Techniques Update for 2013 - Rainbow Halifax Promotion #RainbowHalifax

Working with, our company has recently done an online, social media promotion of the website,, with the promotional tagline "Open arms welcome you to Halifax, Nova Scotia, a breath of fresh air on Canada's East Coast where vibrant LGBT culture is woven into every aspect of the city."

What's unique about this promotion is how we began... rather than posting this on some of the most common social media pages and profiles first, we instead posted this first on the page dedicated to LGBT travel and tourism in Canada  We then "rescooped" this page onto our 2nd page dedicated to LGBT Destinations and Tourism, found at

The unique aspect of is its integration with social media in a way that's unprecedented in the online world to date... from this posting and its subsequent reposting in the LGBT Destinations and Tourism page, this article was immediately posted and distributed on our gay travel profile pages & groups on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Tumblr.  Our job was then to broadcast this message far and wide, using these social media postings as are "base of operations."

First, we ensured that these feeds were promoted properly from both the website and our own LGBT Travel website.

We then converted the website editorial into an e-mail newsletter announcement and distributed it to the consumer and business e-mail distribution lists.

The Facebook posting from's Facebook page was then "shared" onto some of the top Facebook LGBT travel pages and groups, including:
 - GayMonde
 - Travel Queery
 - Gay Travel
 - Gay & Gay-Friendly Businesses and Destinations

The LinkedIn posting from the LinkedIn group was then reposted onto some of the top LinkedIn LGBT Travel groups, including:
 - Gay & Lesbian Travel Forum (1,300+ members)
 - Gay & Lesbian Friendly Tour Operators Group (900+ members)

It was then posted onto Google Plus as well and shared with our Pink Banana Media LGBT Travel Circle.

On Twitter, it was posted on the @TravelGayCanada and @GayMondeTravel accounts, with monitoring done on each to measure the upcoming reach and impressions for these postings, as measured by such services as

This marketing promotion reached gay & lesbian traveler far and wide on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Twitter and Tumblr, as well as the website and e-mail distribution list.  Where a campaign such as this could go would be to expand it more closely and align it with LGBT Travel Influencers, as found on such sites as and's Skill & Expertise endorsements.  By focusing on a single promotional hashtag such as #RainbowHalifax, this campaign could be extended indefinitely by encouraging LGBT travelers to post their Instagram photos, 6-second Vine videos, FourSquare and Facebook check-ins and more, all the while encouraging these LGBT travelers to include the #RainbowHalifax hashtag, with the opportunity of perks and rewards for the most social LGBT Travel Influencers amongst this group.  This type of hashtag campaign can be optimized via sites such as and, both designed to harness the power of the LGBT Travel Influencer and realize these individuals as micro-media... the "New Media" in 2013.

NOTE: and the Destination Halifax team have developed some incredible LGBT imagery over the past year for use in their LGBT marketing campaigns, as seen in summary below.


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