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Some Thoughts on the Business Case of

Image   is an entirely new site concept that we believe has not been attempted yet… of course, it’s an evolution of the growth of online marketing in this social media age, pioneered by   Friendster   and   MySpace   and taken to where we’re at today by the genius of   Facebook ,   LinkedIn   and   Twitter .  A company such as ours is simply “layering” a business process and strategy on top of this social media revolution we’re experiencing today, in an effort to develop actual business metrics in terms of reach, engagement and interactivity between businesses and consumers in a way that will match more readily the measuring techniques the advertising and marketing communities we typically work with are using today. With the analytical tools provided by Facebook, Twitter and many other 3rd party programs designed to work with these company’s APIs to do a deep-dive analysis on exactly WHO is clicking on and sharing WHAT and to WHOM are these shares actually directed to, the