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CMI’s 5th Annual LGBT Community Survey

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CMI’s 5th Annual LGBT Community Survey™
Over 30,000 respondents from 100 countries.First-ever mobile option yielded 12,000 survey respondents.Key comparisons to ‘General Population’ sample.Provides marketing and communications insights, while tracking motivations and trends. (San Francisco, CA, September 1, 2011)
The Community Marketing, Inc. (CMI) 5th Annual LGBT Community Survey™ report was released today, featuring data from 100+ countries on over 30,000 LGBT consumers (including for the first time, 12,000 respondents to a mobile-optimized survey). Rivendell Media assisted in attracting the participation of over 150 LGBT websites, print publications, organizations and events. The survey was sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank and ABSOLUT® Vodka.

The report includes an appendix comparison to several “General Population” data points, derived from a pa…

Technology and the LGBT Business Community Come Together Like Never Before

It has long been reported on how the LGBT community tends to be early adopters of technology, starting years ago with our embrace of dial-in modem chat rooms (we can be very creative when it comes to meeting online) to where we’re at today with smart phone technology and some of the cool LGBT apps that make the gay & lesbian world just a bit more accessible as well as closer together.  But it is the trend in technology and the LGBT business community that has really come together over the last few years, with one of the highlights of 2011 being the presence of Google at the recent IGLTA Convention in Fort Lauderdale this past week.  With over 500 travel business professionals (gay and gay-friendly) in the audience, Google held everyone’s attention for almost a full hour as they presented on stage a well-crafted presentation on how Google is doing more and more each day to make outreach to and better understand the LGBT community.  With topics ranging from search engine optimizatio…

Our NYC Gay Market Conference for 2011 Was An Incredible Success

Our LGBT Marketing Conference held at Kimpton's Eventi Hotel in New York City was an incredible success, thanks to the support of our key partners and incredible speakers.
Key presenters included not only Matt Skallerud (Pink Banana Media) and Tom Roth (Community Marketing) but also Merryn Johns of Curve Magazine, Scott Gatz of, Richard Oceguera of the NGLCC-NY, Jerime Black of Barefoot Winery reviewing their successes over the years in LGBT marketing and several others.  Links to some of our presenters can be found here: http://lgbtnewmedi…

A Ripening Economy, A Booming Industry: How the men’s underwear industry is the pulse of a livening economy

A Ripening Economy, A Booming Industry:
How the men’s underwear industry is the pulse of a livening economy
by Stephen J. Lucin

As a result of the slow upswing in various economies across the globe, there has never been a more opportune time for companies to market themselves to niche communities. These smaller market sectors have been known to help brands rebuild identities, cross lines of market demographics, and ultimately increase sales.

In one market sector in particular, the men’s underwear industry, companies have been following this strategy for some time now. And the results of these companies’ successes are reported to determine the health of the economy in its current state. More recently, these results of successful men’s underwear brands have given economists a positive outlook in regard to the US economy’s future.

According to a well-researched opinion piece from the Wall Street Journal entitled “From Bubble to Depression?” which was co-authored by 2002 Nobel Laureate in E…

Gay & Lesbian Marketing Conference, New York (NYC) Just One Week Away

Are you registered yet?  Community Marketing and Pink Banana Media’s 4th Annual Gay & Lesbian Marketing Conference will be held on April 29, 2011 at the Kimpton Eventi Hotel, New York City.  Offering a "Productive Day of Education and Networking", topics covered will include Research, Insights, Strategies & Case Studies.

The agenda for the day includes:
John Lake, Director of Corporate Development, Human Rights Campaign

The special significance of business/community relationships in LGBT connections and communications.Leveraging your HRC Corporate Equality Index ranking
David Paisley, Senior Research Director, Community Marketing, Inc.
Thomas Roth, President, Community Marketing, Inc.

There is no “LGBT Market:” Segmentation findings and interpretations from the latest research can lead your company to diverse new business opportunities

The Business of LGBT Business
Darren Spedale, Founder, StartOut and Richard Oceguera, President, NGLCC-NY
Thomas Roth,President, Community Ma…

Newly Relaunched - Long Beach Gay Chamber Website Merging Social Media with Membership

We are proud to announce the newly relaunched, the website of  The Long Beach Community Business Network, offering New Features, Greater Access, Expanded Directory Listings and Links To Social Networks  

The Long Beach Community Business Network's new website is LIVE and now a more productive tool in the marketing of one's business. Members can now take advantage and link with the social networks Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Delicious, Flicker, Linkedin, YouTube, easily through the new LBCBN website.

The primary goal of this website design is for the LBCBN to become THE HUB for LGBT business information in the Long Beach area.  Integrating their member's social media activities with activities posted by the Chamber allow for a single location from which a person can be quickly kept up-to-date as to what is happening in the Long Beach LGBT business community, both from the Chamber's perspective and the perspective of individual business members of the LBCBN.

In add…

The Integration of Social Media in LGBT Travel Websites

Upon hearing the recent news of throwing in the towel on the LGBT market, it immediately got me thinking about what actually did seem to work with the website.  As one of the very first consumer websites, LGBT or otherwise, to integrate user-generated content in the form of social media, it truly was cutting edge in terms of what it had accomplished, what it showed can work and even more importantly, what it foretold about the future direction and success in consumer-oriented websites in general.

What showed the world was that the integration of social media into a newly-formed community-based website can work.  Websites for consumers seem to have followed a basic pattern, starting in the mid-90s as informational resources and then slowly, over time, graduating to the level of building true community, with tools for a website’s members to interact with each other, comment collectively on articles they had read together, meet each other and more.  The power of I…

Pink Banana Media - New Look for 2011 - Brochure

Starting with our newly released brochure for 2011, Pink Banana Media is coming out with a whole new look for this year!  Focusing on the key areas of online media, especially social, and combining that with real world marketing, leveraging smartphone technology, Pink Banana Media is poised for continued success in this new media landscape.

Our new tagline is "Reach the Gay & Lesbian Community - Leverage the Power of Social Relationships".

From our first page, it reads:
Virtual Online Marketing

Integrate the power and reach of social media marketing with traditional online strategies including banner ads and e-mail campaigns.
Real World, Experiential Marketing Reach gays & lesbians in their daily lives, at restaurants, hotels, gyms, shops, bars or events using smartphone technology. Integrate it with social media to create a true, 360-degree marketing strategy leveraging authentic social relationships.
Designed by Anke Mackenthun of

Download in PDF form…

Pink Banana Media Updates for February 2011

:: Mobile Marketing - Web App Development ::
We have begun creating some of our first Web Apps over the past few months for a variety of clients. One of our most recent can be viewed here:

We've gone this direction because more and more web traffic is going mobile and being driven by the increased technologies in cell phone bandwidth (3G and 4G), as well as the increased adoption of smartphones, including the iPhone, Android-based phones and Blackberries. Optimizing a website for the smaller screen size while also taking into consideration the concept of a touch-based navigation of a website versus the original mouse-based navigation demands taking an entirely new approach to a website's mobile design. Bigger fonts and large, clickable screen areas merged with an aesthetic interface are the name of the game now.

Our mobile websites automatically sense whether the user is viewing the site from a PC, a Mac, a smartphone or a tablet and tak…

Gay & Lesbian Marketing Conference, New York (NYC)

Community Marketing and Pink Banana Media’s 4th Annual Gay & Lesbian Marketing Conference will be held on April 29, 2011 at the Kimpton Eventi Hotel, New York City.

Don’t miss this comprehensive research, advertising, marketing, and communications forum, helping you better understand and serve gay and lesbian consumers.

Audience: Marketing, advertising and PR executives of all industries who want to successfully reach gay and lesbian communities, and initiate or update effective strategies. Perfect for newbies and veterans alike!

Dedicated: Conference attendance is limited, in order to facilitate the best learning and networking environment.

Peer Group Websites as Next Social Media Marketing Wave

A story made its way through the blog world and mainstream media world recently which is incredible in that it shows that a number of social media marketers worldwide are beginning to see the future phases of social media marketing and where this is all going in the next five years.

The articles and blog postings themselves were about Paul Adams and his presentation he did at Voices That Matter Web Design Conference in San Francisco in 2010 (  His presentation was exciting in that he put forth for the first time where social media is going, told from a perspective of where social media has been (with us since the dawn of civilization) to where it’s headed in terms of expanding past the current social media platform of Facebook and into a vast, new frontier, of which there is no doubt that Facebook will continue to play a lead role in.

His concept was that Facebook has done an incredible job of connecting us as friends, …

Jupiter Hotel Social Media Promo: Merging Real World and Online Social World

We here at believe the future of marketing in 2011 is the merging of the "real world" with the newly developed "online social world" we've all been personally building over the past few years.  Many analogies have been made to social media marketing being "word of mouth" marketing, but it's so much more than that.  It's not just what we say that helps spread the word and make a video, a photo or a really good article stand out amongst our friends... it's also in what we do, how we "tag, comment, like or share" that allows the best of the best in these categories to rise to the top and get the most visibility.

Utilizing the power of Photo Tagging, one solution we developed with our friends at Travelocity was the idea of shooting compelling photos at a sponsored event and encouraging folks to quickly and easily find their photos on Travelocity's Facebook fan page and tag themselves (see Tips & Tricks:  S…