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Looking Forward In 2013

Here we are mid-January, just one day after the historic inauguration, and we finally have a little reprieve from which to pause and reflect on where we've been in 2012 and where we're going in 2013. It's been a whirlwind over the past year or so, with the continued growth and interest for companies large and small seeking to reach their specific target demographic in the LGBT community, while trying to stay a few steps ahead of their competition in terms of leveraging the ever-evolving world of online technology... especially social media. Our message to these companies large and small has also become more fine-tuned in 2013, with our focus on Interpersonal Marketing , providing a more clear definition of this confluence and integration of PR, advertising and marketing.  Our workshops and seminars we're presenting in 2013 reflect this focus, where we show organizations how to most efficiently market themselves using the latest techniques made available from Facebo

Introducing Interpersonal Marketing - THE Strategy for 2013

The Future of Marketing is Here! Interpersonal Marketing Merging PR, Advertising & Social Media One of the leading strategies in use today, designed to maximize your company’s marketing outreach Pink Banana Media: Specializing in the LGBT marketplace in•ter•per•son•al    [ ìnt?r púrss?n'l ]   1.of relationships between people: concerning or involving relationships between people As we enter 2013, Interpersonal Marketing has taken a lead position in how a company can most strategically market itself today.  Interpersonal Marketing takes some of the best of traditional marketing techniques and adapts them to the latest technology, including smartphones and social media.  It all starts with the CREATIVE , and from there the DISTRIBUTION of that material. This then can be fine-tuned and MEASURED using an array of reports and tools and then MONITORED and ANALYZED . This analysis is imperative to helping companies become more competitive and capture greater market share