Looking Forward In 2013

Here we are mid-January, just one day after the historic inauguration, and we finally have a little reprieve from which to pause and reflect on where we've been in 2012 and where we're going in 2013. It's been a whirlwind over the past year or so, with the continued growth and interest for companies large and small seeking to reach their specific target demographic in the LGBT community, while trying to stay a few steps ahead of their competition in terms of leveraging the ever-evolving world of online technology... especially social media.

Our message to these companies large and small has also become more fine-tuned in 2013, with our focus on Interpersonal Marketing, providing a more clear definition of this confluence and integration of PR, advertising and marketing.  Our workshops and seminars we're presenting in 2013 reflect this focus, where we show organizations how to most efficiently market themselves using the latest techniques made available from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google Plus, as well as some of the more recent players including Pinterest and Instagram.  With core content sites such as YouTube allowing for better and better photo and video integration and distribution, the tools available to companies in 2013 are stronger than ever before.

In fact, we'll be both broadcasting our seminars live more often this year, using the latest technology provided by Google Hangouts and YouTube.  These seminar broadcasts allow for easy archiving as well, so folks will be able to view our LGBT social media seminar presentations at a time convenient for them.  Stay tuned as we update our site with both seminar and broadcasting announcement.  Our next seminars and workshops are:
  •  February 5th in Fort Lauderdale, FL, with the Greater Fort Lauderdale Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce
  •  March 9th in New York City, NY, with the Original GLBT Expo at the Jacob Javitz Center
  •  April 12th in New York City, NY as part of the 6th Annual LGBT Marketing Conference, a full-day conference including our team, as well as others in the community educating attendees about the latest in LGBT marketing, advertising and research.
For a more up-to-date event schedule, check out our Events page here:

The techniques we'll be discussing at these seminars work! If you're in town and would like to attend one of these workshops or seminars, let us know... we'd love to have you there.  One of our clients, Sir Ivan, has been moving higher and higher up the Billboard music charts, achieving #36 in Billboard's Top 40 in January 2013.  We're merely a part of their overall marketing team on this one, but we're incredibly excited to see where Sir Ivan goes in the music world as he continues his ascendency with his latest hit, La La Land, boosted by some of the Interpersonal Marketing techniques we've applied to his marketing campaign.  He's also a strong supporter of the Trevor Project... if you have a chance, be sure to check out and "like" his page at:

So be sure to check back with us in the coming months... we're extremely excited to be launching a whole new consumer initiative for the LGBT community, making its debut at the GLBT Expo in New York March 9th... stay tuned for updated information as we launch this new program and website.  Also, if your company is looking for that edge in its LGBT marketing efforts in 2013, please do let us know... we'd love to work with you!

Happy 2013!
Your team at Pink Banana Media


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