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5 Content Marketing Strategy Tips for 2014

Almost everyone knows how to post on Facebook in today's world.  But what about life outside of Facebook?  Is it important?  Worth the extra marketing time spent?  Also, are you maximizing your company's presence on Facebook?  As we enter 2014, these are some of the top questions we are answering as more and more clients and advertisers begin to not only understand but embrace the concepts found in  Interpersonal Marketing . Always remember, Facebook is great, but it's incredibly easy for both you and your competitors to post, and your competitors are!  It's a busy world in the Facebook social media news feed, so to stand out, it's important to first maximize your Facebook presence while ensuring the work you're doing here is helping to further enhance and maximize your reach OUTSIDE of Facebook.  Following these tips and strategy pointers will help you maximize your social media outreach and enhance your search engine optimization for your business.  In many

New York City Hundreds of Small Business Owners for the 'Many Faces, One Dream' LGBT Economic Empowerment Conference during National Entrepreneurship Month

The November 6, 2013 Harlem Pride Monthly Mixer at Aloft Harlem Hotel was the 3rd event celebrating the Many Faces, One Dream New York City 2-day conference. Co hosted by Global Network of Black Pride and LGBT Faith Leaders of African Descent, the evening saluted NYC's Entertainment Entrepreneur Sean Anthony's BluntedMuse Productions with the cast of "NO SHADE" during a red carpet event attended by fans, entrepreneurs and small business owners. New York City registrations have spiked over the past few weeks after the announcement date of the third stop of the 13-city Many Faces, One Dream (MFOD) Economic Empowerment Tour for LGBT Communities of Color, hosted by the U.S. Small Business Administration and the National Black Justice Coalition. New Yorkers along with other regional signed up for the two day conference specifically designed for LGBT entrepreneurs and small business owners being held on November 20 - 21, 2013 at the Brooklyn Marriott Hotel, 333 Ada