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Where Does the LGBT Online Community Get Its Financial News and Information in Today’s World

This article, although touching on the world of LGBT finance, is really about where people, gay and straight alike, find out about what’s happening around them in today’s ever more complex world of news and information.  Once upon a time, it used to be the morning newspaper.  In the LGBT community, it became local gay newspapers such as the Washington Blade and local gay publications such as HX and Next.  As online websites took hold, news and information flowed even faster and focused on even stronger niche audiences, first with more traditional news and content oriented websites, and then later with bloggers putting out news and information as it happened, and developing a new-found following all their own. This evolution continued along even while Google News developed into an even more timely source for news and information as it scoured these websites and blogs and, as a news aggregator, allowed the LGBT online community quick access to searches for gay financial news and an