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Look Who’s Making a Comeback: LGBT Banner Ads

State-of-the-Art Technology Allows for Hyper-Targeting of Banner Advertising to Specific Demographics and Regions There is a major shift occurring in terms of how companies are able to market themselves online, tapping into many of the techniques learned first with Google AdWords and then with Facebook Ads , and applying those techniques to the world of highly targeted banner advertising in 2014. Search marketing taught companies how to efficiently target their specific demographic, tapping into the search terms their potential customers were typing in to Google, Bing, Yahoo and others.  With Google AdWords dominating this landscape, the concept of managing and optimizing a marketing campaign based on knowing what the ideal search terms were for driving the best customers to one’s website became commonplace, and for the most common search terms, such as “gay travel”, the cost was higher because companies were bidding against one another to be the #1 advertised search resul

Pink Banana Media featured on The Focus Group with John Nash

Ever wonder how we came up with the name Pink Banana Media?  This and other questions are answered in this 17 minute radio show interview with John Nash of The Focus Group on SiriusXM. We also cover and answer the following questions: content marketing for small business how often should i post? curating versus your own content how can LinkedIn help my business learn more about our upcoming LGBTBizTech and LGBTWeek business conferences in 2015 To here the entire interview, go to For more information on Pink Banana Media , go to:  -  - The Focus Group: SiriusXM's first original business program. Listen, Laugh and Learn with Tim Bennett & John Nash for an entertaining look at the world of business.

Anatomy of an Ad Buy - Gay Games 2014 - Cleveland

Anatomy of an Ad Buy – A Peek Into The Gay Games Winning Marketing Mix Introducing the first of a series of articles entitled Anatomy of an Ad Buy , whereby we break down in detail an ad buy that incorporates banner ads, e-mail, video, mobile and social media placements in the overall campaign.  In today's world, the marketing mix has shifted, with more and more advertising dollars being spent on a mix of hyper-local, targeted banners , mobile smartphone banner and video campaigns , and social media outreach via the ever-improving tools available to us on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Vine, Pinterest and more. For the most recent Gay Games 9 held in Cleveland this past summer, the folks from Positively Cleveland , through their ad agency, contacted us for a comprehensive online campaign that targeted gays & lesbians in specific target markets considered strong candidates for Gay Games attendees coming to Cleveland.  Our regional target markets includ