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Pink Banana Media Updates for January 2010

::  Happy New Year - Updated Branding & Company Direction  :: We wanted to take this time to wish you all success and prosperity in 2010! I think it's safe to say that most of us feel the positive excitement in the air as we enter this new decade with hope and faith that our directions for business and personal growth will know no boundaries! That said, we are excited to announce a new company launch for 2010 -  SKAL Media . SKAL Media is a culmination of all we've been developing and striving for over the past few years, and brings all of our social media marketing efforts to a focus. A lot of what we've been doing for clients has been in the form of  education and training in social media marketing , ranging from webinars and seminars to consulting for clients for 30-60 day periods to help them develop their social media marketing strategy to include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs and more. We're now formalizing these efforts in the form of  full-day work