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Free PDF Download - 5 LGBT Marketing Tips, Tricks and Best Practices in 2016

Every year, as new marketing strategies continue to unfold with the advent of technology being ever-more adapted to advertising and marketing, we find it best to compile some of the best practices we discover into this up-to-date document.  We are asked on a regular basis by companies large and small whether they are doing everything they can to maximize both their marketing and advertising efforts, in light of the ever-changing media world we’re in with blogs, social media, programmatic ad buying, mobile smartphones and more.  In our article, available for PDF download, we’ve done our best to bring together some of the various recommendations we’ve made over the past few months. Just visit and wait for the pop-up to appear in order to obtain your free PDF download.

Updates to our Photos and Video in LGBT Social Media Presentation

As 2016 continues to march right along, it is becoming more and more obvious how important short-form content in the form of photos and 10 second videos... from Snapchat photos and video becoming part of a brand's Snapchat Story , to the re-purposing of these videos onto Instagram and Vine , and from there onto  Facebook , Tumblr and Twitter , the world of frequently updated quick and simple photos and video continues to rewrite the rules for how brands large and small are keeping themselves relevant in front of their LGBT consumers today. You can view our updated Photos and Video in LGBT Social Media Presentation here:

Updates to our Social Media Marketing Outreach PDF for 2016

As 2016 continues to march right along, our social media marketing strategy has continued to adapt, as new platforms including Snapchat and Periscope continue to take center-stage in their evolving growth and new-found usefulness in the business world of online marketing.  In addition, new, more subtle techniques in how posts are commented on, shared and "boosted" with a paid, sponsored push are fast becoming some of the top cutting-edge marketing techniques used to help ensure that at least some of a brand's social media content rises to the top and is seen in the highly competitive Facebook news feed, as well as the newly programmed Twitter and Instagram news feeds that all now focus on content that is considered more relevant to the online consumer. For more information, please check out our updated Social Media Marketing Outreach PDF:

VIDEO: LGBT Brand Voice

Ensure your organization is part of the LGBT conversation - One Unified LGBT Marketing Strategy | One Cohesive LGBT Marketing Campaign :: Social Media | Content Marketing | Video | Targeted, Programmatic Advertising | LGBT Influencers | Mobile :: brought to you by

VIDEO: Introduction to and LGBTWeek.NYC

Our first in a series of videos coming your way in 2016, focusing on some of the more cutting edge online technologies and how you can leverage those technologies to reach your target LGBT demographic online.  Be sure to check out and www.LGBTWeek.NYC , all brought to you by

LGBT Week NYC Updates for March 2016

LGBT Week NYC, May 16-19, 2016  is continuing to come together for this year, with NEW SPEAKERS, NEW SPONSORS and ALL-NEW PRESENTATIONS, bringing us the latest in  Marketing, Advertising & Technology in the LGBT business community . We want to take this time to welcome our new  Sponsor for LGBT Week NYC 2016, Q.Digital , creating a connection between brands and the LGBTQ community through their network of sites, including, and www.Q.Digital Major partner events scheduled for LGBT Week NYC include: Talent in Modern FinTech Monday evening, May 16th, 6 to 9  pm Location:  Credit Suisse HQ Hosted by Out in STEM at US Headquarters of Credit Suisse in heart of Silicon Alley, a panel of Banking and FinTech (financial technology) executives discussing the types of STEM (science technology engineer and math) talent that is most desirable, given their unique business objectives and challenges.