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Website and Social Media Analytics Come Together in 2014

We remember the day when the hardest part about having a discussion with a client about website traffic was trying to explain the difference between a visitor and a "hit".  Everyone back in the day loved to say how many million "hits" their site received, never quite realizing that a hit and a visitor were two totally different things. Website analytics have grown up a lot since those early days, and with Google taking the lead in offering free, in-depth website analysis tools, we're now able to see not only how many visitors our site receives per day, but where they've come from and where they are going on our sites. With content marketing taking such a strong lead in 2014 in terms of where marketing dollars are being spent, being able to analyze and compare the site traffic of a banner ad campaign versus an e-mail campaign versus a social media campaign is imperative as companies continue to fine tune and hone their online marketing strategies.