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Gay Advertising: Tapping Into a Vibrant And Diverse Market

Corporate interest in the gay advertising market is increasing. While exact figures are lacking, research and surveys indicate this is growth market. Recent figures seem to indicate that Estimates put the buying power of this sector of the population could be as high as $800 billion annually. As a group touted to have higher than normal incomes, it is important for a company to brand themselves appropriately if it wants to succeed in attracting and retaining members of this community. Diversity One factor all advertisers need to consider seriously is the issue of diversity. The gay community is not homogenous. For example, what a transgender man or woman may purchase may be very different from what a gay man or woman will buy. Moreover, someone who is transgender may not consider themselves part of the gay community. In other words, the gay community for which you, as an advertiser may be striving to market to, is not monolithic but a loose confederation. Gay men and women may

Basics About Gay Social Networking

Social networking has been around for centuries. Today, however, its most popular manifestation is online. For the LGBT community, social networking has proven to be beneficial in so many ways. Gay social networking has proven a means of galvanizing support for causes while creating real bonds between groups allied for specific social issues. For a business or charity interested in reaching the gay community, we at Pink Banana Media understand how important it is to reach out in appropriate ways to connect effectively. The Power of the Web in Gay Social Networking The purpose of social networking is to expand the number of social or business contacts. It begins with connecting with one individual or organization. This is a social tool businesses can utilize to expand their area of influence into a specific targeted group. Gay social networking is a means through which businesses, organizations and individuals can connect with the community. In such endeavors, it is important to

LGBT Marketing: What You Need to Know

Many companies are discovering the LGBT market. Commercial interests wishing to promote their products and services to a larger and more inclusive audience are currently wooing this diverse group of individuals. The result has been an increase in commercial advertising – both on and off the net, directed towards a progressive market consumer. Yet, when it comes to LGBT marketing, what do you really know? At Pink Banana Media, we can help you explore the possibilities in depth. What Is at Stake? Literally billions of dollars in advertising revenue and solid financial returns is at stake. From a neglected “minority” in the 1980s, the LGBT community has grown to be a vocal group. Wall Street declared them to be the “dream market” in 1991. Since then, support for gay rights, gender equality and marriage parity has increased putting the pressure on companies to provide an LGBT marketing campaign that addresses the issues facing this community and Americans in general. The overall cost

Last Minute Updates for LGBT Week NYC

We have a few last-minute updates for everyone considering attending some or all of our upcoming events at LGBT Week NYC starting next week, May 16th. What is LGBT Week NYC? Building off of the success of our LGBT Marketing Conference we've held for the past 9 years in New York, including our 1st LGBT Week NYC in 2015, Community Marketing & Insights and Pink Banana Media are proud to announce the launch of our expanded LGBT conference schedule for 2016, bringing the broader scope of Marketing, Advertising & Technology to the mix, with the theme " Education & Networking: Bringing together the worlds of advertising, marketing, technology and business in the LGBT marketplace ." First, the agendas for both the Tourism & Hospitality Symposium, and the Marketing, Advertising & Technology Conference, are both available online in PDF format at: