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Social Media Marketing in 2010 – Making It All Come Together

Integrating your blog, photos and videos into one complete social media infrastructure As we enter into the 2nd half of 2010, social media seems to be taking on an even more pervasive and dominant slice of our attention span, and thus our lives, with Facebook leading the pack (500 million strong and counting) in where we now find out about news items first as well as our friend’s antics as displayed in photos and video.  Status updates, limited to 140 characters on Twitter and 420 characters on Facebook, have become the norm for one of the top ways we stay up to date with what’s happening nowadays, and every news media and blogger around the world is now making sure their headlines are making their way into Twitter with direct (and measurable) links back to their content. So how can your business play a role in this space?  Is your company’s marketing efforts, as they stand now, even relevant in the world of social media or does they need a change when it comes to getting the word