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The Pink Banana in Canada

Our trip started in Ottawa, where I met up with Bruce and Darrell of and the CGLCC (Canadian Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce). We got the rest of our team together and hit the road like true road warriors, telling the story of the GLBT Market from both a Canadian perspective and a more global online perspective. We then hit Kingston and Niagara, ending our presentations in the wonderful city of Toronto. I had the pleasure of reconnecting with my dear friend and inn owner, Ric Tremaine, of the Gloucestor Inn in Toronto, and later that week, we did a presentation about Web 2.0 and the GLBT market to the folks at the Ontario Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce, as seen below. John Kenyon, their president, was amazing and made the trip one of my highlights of 2008 (plus, he invited me earlier in the week to the 1-year anniversary party at Circa and kept plying me with drink tickets, so perhaps that influenced me as well!). Me presenting my PowerPo

Spotlight on Gay Dallas 2008

Everything is Bigger in Texas! At least that's how the saying goes, and in Dallas' gay & lesbian community, they couldn't be more right. The city has the largest gay population in the state of Texas with approximately 120,000 GLBT residents. Dallas also boasts the largest gay & lesbian church in the world, the Cathedral of Hope, with over 30,000 national members. As a work and business center, Dallas consistently ranks as one of the top labor markets in the US, with one of the youngest and most diverse populations in the country. Nineteen Fortune 500 companies are headquartered here in Dallas, and the Dallas / Ft. Worth airport is the 3rd busiest in the world. In addition, Dallas is technologically savvy, ranked as the 2nd most wired region in the US. On the financial side, Dallas has no personal income tax and a low cost of living, leaving more "discretionary" income for personal enjoyment and travel. Gay life in Dallas is found all throughout the ci

April 2008 Gay Business Report Now Available

In This Issue Technology Facebook vs. LinkedIn: Which is Better for Professional Networking, Job Hunting and Collaboration? This in-depth review investigates how the two social networking sites compare for business purposes Travel Industry Highlighting some of the current trends and the market research focused on the GLBT Travel Community, with updates from Community Marketing, Witeck-Combs and a special feature from Jeff Guaracino, author of Gay & Lesbian Tourism: The Essential Guide to Marketing. Offering a comprehensive look at the business of travel in the GLBT marketplace. Spotlight on Dallas Everything is bigger in Texas! Featuring a fully updated summary of GLBT life in Dallas, from a business perspective. Focusing on the ever-growing number of companies now scoring a perfect 100 on the HRC Corporate Equality Index, as well as the variety of resources available in this region supporting both the smaller GLBT business community and those corporations wishing to target the G