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Target Mobile LGBT Users on Grindr, Scruff, Hornet and more

Following on our recent announcement last month of our company's ability to target  YOUR LGBT Target Demographic  online using  Programmatic Ad Buying Technology  and  Real-Time Ad Bidding , we are proud to announce our updated capability to target YOUR LGBT Demographic on both mobile-optimized LGBT websites and LGBT mobile apps , including Grindr , Scruff and Hornet . With this technology, we are better able to reach the LGBT consumer wherever they may in the mobile world.  With the addition of creating Hyper Local campaigns , we can now drill down to specific states, provinces, cities and neighborhoods, wherever your target market may be. We've been testing out some initial ad buys on this mobile network, and we can safely say that the performance in these mobile apps is incredible... strong impressions with an average click-through rate of 0.60%, along with a CPM rate lower than traditional web-based banner ads. Ad banner sizes are 728x90, 320x480 and 320x50 (me