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Recent Updates to our Detailed Guide on How We Promote YOUR Business Online in 2013

Similar in scope and concept to our seminar series we've recently wrapped up for the year, our Online Marketing & Social Media Details PDF is a detailed guide on how we promote YOUR business online , using the latest techniques in editorial coverage, banner advertising, e-mail campaigns and social media marketing , COMBINED into one unified campaign . Available online as a PDF download from our website, this document has been updated to better reflect recent updates in: Campaign Mobile Optimization:  All aspects of YOUR CAMPAIGN are optimized for mobile smartphone & tablet distribution.  Every website in the Pink Banana Media network is optimized for both mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more), as well as tablet devices, including iPad, Nexus, Galaxy, Kindle and Nook.  Content Curation via  We incorporate YOUR CAMPAIGN in our Pink Banana Media / sites (,, movies.p

Wrap Up of LGBT Online Marketing Seminar Series for 2013

As Summer has turned to Fall, we have wrapped up our final seminar for 2013 here in Palm Springs, CA, having partnered with the Desert Business Association (DBA) for an incredibly lively, interactive and well-attended final seminar presentation last night. With over 60 attendees in Palm Springs, this seminar and its audience were very representative of how the entire summer's seminar series has gone... starting out in Chicago and Las Vegas in June and working our way down into Key West and Fort Lauderdale, partnering with the various LGBT Chambers and other business groups along the way. Some of the questions we had last night were also very indicative of what is truly of interest when companies are seeking to make outreach to any target demographic online today, LGBT or otherwise. Top of the list was in understanding the world of #hashtags and how they fit into the broader picture of both online marketing and how a business can simultaneously stand out and be discovered