Recent Updates to our Detailed Guide on How We Promote YOUR Business Online in 2013

Similar in scope and concept to our seminar series we've recently wrapped up for the year, our Online Marketing & Social Media Details PDF is a detailed guide on how we promote YOUR business online, using the latest techniques in editorial coverage, banner advertising, e-mail campaigns and social media marketing, COMBINED into one unified campaign.

Available online as a PDF download from our website, this document has been updated to better reflect recent updates in:

  1. Campaign Mobile Optimization: All aspects of YOUR CAMPAIGN are optimized for mobile smartphone & tablet distribution.  Every website in the Pink Banana Media network is optimized for both mobile devices (iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and more), as well as tablet devices, including iPad, Nexus, Galaxy, Kindle and Nook. 
  2. Content Curation via We incorporate YOUR CAMPAIGN in our Pink Banana Media / sites (,, and, a highly social media optimized system reaching an additional several thousand viewers per month as well.
  3. #Hashtag Marketing: We also utilize the latest in #hashtag marketing technology in use today, ensuring that YOUR CAMPAIGN is “discoverable” by online viewers following trending topics and relevant conversations on Facebook and other social media.
  4. Inclusion of Instagram and Vine: If photos and/or short-form, 6- to 15-second video are a key part of your marketing outreach, we’ll utilize Instagram and Vine for YOUR CAMPAIGN as well, ensuring #hashtag marketing technology is utilized along the way.
  5. Measuring & Monitoring YOUR CAMPAIGN: we work with, which allows us to accurately measure both REACH and EXPOSURE for specific keywords and/or #hashtags on Twitter, including WHO are the top individuals/companies posting and WHAT they are posting.
    Additionally, we utilize the website services of and, in order to better monitor and visualize the creative being used in this campaign.

 In summary, we will be providing the following YOUR CAMPAIGN's Marketing Piece:

  • Front page website promotion of this marketing piece with your company featured
  • Long-term website inclusion of this marketing piece from our network of sites, ensuring your message will be found for a minimum of 1 year from within our websites and via Google/Bing search.
  • E-Mail promotion of this marketing piece with your company featured
  • Mobile optimization and distribution of this marketing piece via our network of mobile-optimized websites and e-mail.
  • Distribution of this content through our Content Curation partner,
  • Promotion of this marketing piece on Facebook, using #hashtag technology and targeting LGBT pages and groups relevant to your business and industry.
  • Promoting of this marketing piece on LinkedIn groups relevant to your business and industry
  • Promotion on Google Plus LGBT communities, while also utilizing #hashtag technology
  • Promotion on Twitter, where this campaign can best be measured and monitored using keyword and #hashtag technologies

If this type of marketing program makes sense... if you want to see your company on the cutting edge when it comes to utilizing the latest in technology and applying it to your marketing outreach in today's competitive business environment, let Pink Banana Media, with a 19-year history in LGBT online marketing, help you out. We're a company that continually monitors new technology and understands the key players of the LGBT marketplace... we're a company that can lead you and your product to success!

Test the waters with our Entry Level Marketing Program starting at $195 for a limited time:



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