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LGBT Programmatic Advertising and the Concept of the Ad Network "Waterfall"

We've discussed in previous blog posts about the advent of programmatic ad buying in the LGBT online media world, which allows us to better appreciate how the online advertising market has evolved over the last few years.  Due primarily to the technology of programmatic ad buying and real-time ad bidding, websites large and medium-sized (not small just yet) are able to place their banner ad inventory on the programmatic ad exchange and make real revenues on the banner ads placed on their sites.  They are also better able to compete with the larger media companies and the larger website networks that caught the attention of ad agencies in years past. Ad agencies LOVE, LOVE, LOVE programmatic.  It provides them full control over every aspect of their ad placement.  They no longer need to negotiate with the media companies over price, and they can analyze and monitor every aspect of their banner ad buy in real time, testing out creative, landing pages and more.  The media companies