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Pink Banana Media Seminar Series 2013 - Updated Format and Schedule

We are launching an entirely new seminar and presentation format for 2013... most folks know how to post their content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn now.  Our presentation format for this year is now shorter, focusing on some of the more advanced topics in social media marketing available to us today, including 1) influencers , 2) social media integration with search , and 3) #hashtags and how your company can put them to work to help maximize your social media outreach .  Our focus is LGBT , but the strategies remain the same for almost any type of niche marketing today. We will touch on Interpersonal Marketing , discussing in more detail how marketing outreach in today's environment merges PR, advertising and social media.  In today's world, user-generated content (photos, status updates and reviews about your business) are becoming more and more relevant... we'll be discussing some of these trends, including how your business can best utilize Instagram , Vin

Small Business Online Marketing in 2013 - Case Study: Dunes Resort in Saugatuck

The following is a detailed breakdown, not only of what most of us know in 2013 when it comes to online and social media marketing ( Facebook , Twitter , etc.), but how it can all come together using the technology of #hashtags and ensuring those status updates, photos and videos related to our business are doing all they can in helping get the word out about our business product or service. Over the past 5 years, most companies have become comfortable in maintaining a Facebook page and ensuring that their website updates, photos and little status updates were kept up-to-date here.  Facebook has morphed and evolved over the years, and is now a tried and true success story in how companies can best promote and market themselves online.  The trick here for maximizing any social media marketing outreach is a combination of " reach " and " engagement ", getting the message out to a decent number of fans/followers and developing messaging that these folks will want

#IGLTA2013 Social Media Outreach Campaign and Foundation Donation

We wanted to take this time to summarize what turned out to be an incredibly successful program held during the most recent IGLTA Convention this past May 2-4, 2013 in Chicago.  Our company, Pink Banana Media, helped set up and promote the hashtag #IGLTA2013 for use in Twitter , Instagram , Vine and other social media outlets.  We then added an entirely new element to the mix, offering to donate to the IGLTA Foundation for every member who used the hashtag and "Tweeted" or uploaded a photo to Instagram using #IGLTA2013.  Our offer was as follows: Pink Banana Media and are offering $1 to the IGLTA Foundation for every member who uses the hashtag #IGLTA2013 in their Tweet, Facebook status update, photo upload, Google Plus post, etc. during IGLTA's Annual Global Convention in Chicago, May 2-4, 2013. We're donating $1 per member per day, so if you post this daily during the conference, we'll donate $3.  Plus, for every IGLTA member who joins Gay2D