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Jupiter Hotel Social Media Promo: Merging Real World and Online Social World

We here at believe the future of marketing in 2011 is the merging of the "real world" with the newly developed "online social world" we've all been personally building over the past few years.  Many analogies have been made to social media marketing being "word of mouth" marketing, but it's so much more than that.  It's not just what we say that helps spread the word and make a video, a photo or a really good article stand out amongst our friends... it's also in what we do, how we "tag, comment, like or share" that allows the best of the best in these categories to rise to the top and get the most visibility.

Utilizing the power of Photo Tagging, one solution we developed with our friends at Travelocity was the idea of shooting compelling photos at a sponsored event and encouraging folks to quickly and easily find their photos on Travelocity's Facebook fan page and tag themselves (see Tips & Tricks:  S…