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LGBT Programmatic Advertising - Website Revenue and Yield Analysis

From an LGBT online media publisher perspective, this is probably the most important overall concept in terms of maximizing online revenue from banner ad placements.  In this instance, it’s all about banner ad impressions. Let’s use some typical website performance statistics and ad rates here.  If your site receives 1,000 visitors per day, that’s 30,000 visitors in one month.  If one visitor typically views 10 pages on your website, that’s 300,000 page views per month.  If each page typically has 5 ad units on it, including one at the top and bottom of your site and 3 in the content or on the side, that’s 1,500,000 ad impressions your site can deliver in one month.  If you were able to sell 100% of your banner ad inventory at $5 CPM, that would be $5 for every thousand banner ads served - $5 x 1,500,000/1000 = $7,500.  That’s the reason you want to earn revenue for every banner ad you deliver… you may sell some premium, top placement ads in-house for $10-15 CPM or more, but that wo