Gay Business Report - April 2009

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Social Network Marketing Updates for 2009
The concepts of Touch Points and Connections becomes even more poignant in this new age of Twitter and the recent Facebook updates
There can be little doubt that social network marketing is becoming one of the fastest growing areas in the marketing world today. Every day, we are inundated with new terms and forced to continue to keep up with the latest in social networking technology, including these new Twitters everyone keeps talking about, and the more recent updates Facebook has launched in order to both stay on top of the growth curve and counter this Twitter phenomenon....

Social Network Marketing in Gay Travel
Content ideas for gay travel and destination marketing are quite varied, and can include:

  • Events: you could focus on upcoming GLBT events in your area, including Pride festivals, film festivals and more.
  • Club and Bar Reviews: you could run a series of blog postings highlighting GLBT clubs and bars in your area
  • Restaurant Reviews: you could run a series of blog postings highlighting GLBT and GLBT-friendly restaurants in your area
  • Hotel Reviews: you could run a series of blog postings highlighting GLBT-friendly hotels in your area
  • Destination Attractions and Highlights: you can feature art exhibitions, museum openings and wide variety of attractions and highlights in your area
  • Individual interviews: you could have featured interviews done as blog postings of key GLBT business leaders in your area

Beta: New Tool for Measuring Social Network Marketing ROI
As social network marketing continues to grow in the marketing mix of companies worldwide, the one area that it continually falls short is in measurement and resulting Return on Investment (ROI) for the companies making their initial investments in this space. As a result, our company has embarked on a new project to create one of the first ROI spreadsheets for social network marketing. It’s not easy, as the variables to measure are considerably different from the tried and true banner advertising and e-mail marketing used today....

Other Highlights

  • Promotion of an Event using Inbound Marketing
  • The Power of a Tiny Picture
  • Book Recommendation: World Wide Rave

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