New Webinar Series for 2009

Updated presentation adds more detail on “touch points” and the power of influential contacts in your network

Our company, Pink Banana Media, is taking our successful seminar series we’ve done in various cities over the past few years and bringing it online throughout 2009.

Our presentation has changed these past few years, focusing on the various aspects of Social Network Marketing and helping to define just what is Web 2.0 and how does it fit in with a company’s overall marketing mix.  There are so many perceived options, including blogs, Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and more, and our goal has been to both demistify this environment as well as break it down into what is most important for a company today when trying to promote their product or service in this new online frontiers.

Key concepts have been “speaking with” your customer base rather than “speaking to.”  This is a big one, and underlies the fundamental shift in marketing overall, as the goal is now 
to “enter into our customers conversations” rather than simply “broadcast to.”

Our main seminar points, still included in our presentation today, cover the basics of a blog, a Facebook group and photos, and how to utilize those tools to get the word out in the best way possible.  Topic highlights include photo tagging, a blog’s RSS feed, and the basics of Facebook key word advertising.  

Setting up the blog and the photos in some of the various social network “touch points” including Flickr, Plaxo, LinkedIn and MyBlogLog have been the cornerstones of more modern social network marketing, allowing content to spread virally in some of the key social networks online that have some of the strongest overall traffic.  It is this topic that has been expanded in our updated seminar and webinar series for 2009.  Delving into more detail, we’re able to help companies understand how to take their social network marketing to that next level.  Now that it is becoming more easily understood that the Internet is the new operating system of the future, the concept of placing photos in one location, content in the form of a blog in another location, and allowing that content to spread far and wide through preset social network connections a company has set up exclusively for their needs, is the primary topic that has been further elaborated on in our presentation.

We also touch on the more advanced, and in some ways more labor-intensive aspects of social network marketing, presenting examples which should allow a company to decide if ramping up their social network marketing efforts is right for them.  Working a customized social network using, for example, or watching various blogs and other niche social networks from which to both participate, post and comment on ongoing conversations, can work very well in taking a company’s online marketing to that next level.

The power of networking in Facebook Groups, as well as focusing on the key “influencers” in social networking including Facebook group leaders and administrators, power Twitter users, Yelp reviewers and key industry bloggers is expanded upon in a way that should hopefully demistify this level of online marketing taking hold in 2009.

Watch for our upcoming webinar schedule in our next Gay Business Report in March 2009.


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