February 2009 Gay Business Report

New Webinar Series for 2009
Updated presentation adds more detail on “touch points” and the power of influential contacts in your network

Be sure to watch for our freshly updated seminar and webinar series for 2009, covering the world of Social Network and Web 2.0 marketing to the GLBT?community. With almost 50% new material, focusing on new topics such as Power Influencers and how to connect with them, as well as expanding on the best Touch Points your company can have when making outreach in this new frontiers, this seminar/webinar series will show you both how to do it all in-house, as well as help bring some new concepts to your overall online marketing mix....

Recession, but no depression: LGBT media organizations are cutting costs, but weathering the economic downturn

The current economy’s impact on the media industry has been well documented. In December, for example, Detroit’s newspapers cut home delivery to three days a week, printing smaller editions on the other days. In January, the Chicago Tribune repackaged itself into tabloid format for distribution at newsstands, while subscribers will continue to receive the paper in traditional broadsheet format....

NGLCC Leaders Attend White House Discussions on Economic Stimulus Plans

The leadership of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC) joined other leading U.S. business executives and organizations on Jan. 28 to discuss President Barack Obama's economic stimulus package with his top advisors, including Jason Berman, the White House's economic policy director....

Other Highlights

  • 5 Types of Posts to Feed Your Business Blog
  • Survey Shows Inbound Marketing Becoming More Important to Small Businesses
  • U.S. Gays and Lesbians Continue to Travel Despite Economic Downturn
  • Massachusetts Launces GLBT Tourism Site

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