August 2008 Gay Business Report

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The Power of the Automated News Feed
How Plaxo, Friendfeed and even Facebook utilize 3rd party programs such as Picasa, YouTube and Flickr to keep you up-to-date in this even more fast-paced Information Age
If you're like many of us out there, you've been using Plaxo for a few years now. It's been a great tool, primarily used by the business community, in keeping one's Outlook up-to-date when your friends and other contacts change jobs, move or even get a new cell phone number. Change jobs and all you had to do was update your Plaxo information in order to get that job update out there to hundreds of your Outlook contacts simultaneously, and vice versa… one of your Outlook contacts moves to a new city, and voila, your Outlook information is automatically updated.....

How to Turn a Cold Call into a Warm Call Using
The new way to research and find the best contacts to start with when making business outreach to a company
First there was Friendster and then there was MySpace. Along the way, Plaxo leveraged its access into your Outlook contact database to launch Plaxo Pulse and Facebook hit the scene going from the college dorm to Main Street USA. In between all of this, chugging along as if it had the entire business landscape to itself, was, a site focused on just the business-to-business connections needed in the social networking world. Starting out as a more employment-oriented site, has grown in popularity over the past year to become almost the de facto Online Chamber of Commerce, allowing business people from around the world to network and connect in ways not possible just a few years back.....

Regional Spotlight: Las Vegas
Las Vegas has long been known as "The Entertainment Capital of the World," but these days the desert destination boasts much more than strippers and Cher concerts - especially for its growing LGBT community....

Other Highlights

  • NGLCC Launches Biz
  • New Website Launches
  • Latest Styles and Trends Research
  • The Legend of How “Because” Ruined a Mailing
  • Gen Y Is Setting the Tech Agenda
  • Spotlight on IGLTA
  • Spotlight on MDG Marketing Group
  • Banner Advertising Plus
  • GLBT Online Business Resources

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