#GayTravel Analysis for 2017, in preparation for #IGLTA2017

In preparation for the upcoming IGLTA Convention in St. Petersburg, Florida coming up May 4-6, we wanted to do an up-to-date analysis of the top hashtag used for LGBT travel, which is still #GayTravel.  Secondary hashtags used are #LesbianTravel, #Gaycation, #GayVacation, #GayHoliday and #GayTraveler, but to date, #GayTravel is still in the lead.

Why is this important?  Because if you're Tweeting or posting your photos on Instagram while at the convention, you want to make sure your posts and photos are seen.  If you're uploading a video to Instagram or YouTube, ensuring the video is promoted on Twitter and hashtagged is more important now than ever before, as proper hashtagging allows you to tap into social media "conversations" already happening online.  You're simply carving out a little "share of voice" for your business!

Let's take a look at what's actually happening in the world of #GayTravel.  Using TagBoard.com, we're able to get a sense of 1) what is being posted on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter using #GayTravel, and 2) how many posts are being created daily, so that we can better gauge how often we should be posting here as well.

We also noticed that for St. Petersburg, Florida, they are using #SunShinesHere, #LiveAmplified and #StPeteBeach as their tourism-related promotional hashtags.  We took a look at one of these hashtags as well... if your business wants to either 1) promote or 2) tap into business opportunities in the Tampa/St. Petersburg area during the convention, these hashtags should also be considered.  Their Twitter profile is @VSPC.

Are people actually using these hashtags?  Good question.  So we ran over to TweetReach.com and ran a report for #GayTravel.  We saw that over the last 24 hours, the activity was quite strong on Twitter, with over 256,000 Twitter accounts reached and 464,817 Twitter impressions measured for posts using the hashtag #GayTravel.

Some of the most active "Tweeters" and the most ReTweeted posts are from folks who are quite active in the world of LGBT travel and will be at the convention... making outreach to them in advance via Twitter isn't a bad way to do a little "pre-networking" ahead of the convention in May.

A running timeline of the most current Tweets shows you WHO is most active currently when using #GayTravel.

To get a strong sense of who the top influencers, individuals and businesses are in the world of LGBT travel, head on over to BuzzSumo.com.  Researching "LGBT Travel" shows you not only who they are... it also reveals how many followers they have, and how often they ReTweet and reply to Tweets.  It also shows you how strong their website's "domain authority" is... all of this is vital in determining who you should be working with when making outreach in LGBT travel in 2017.

It's nice to see IGLTA is #4 on the list!!!

In summary, using these tools and online services, all of which are free or under $100 per month to utilize, your business is able to stay up-to-date on what is happening and who is most active for any social media activity out there today.  It makes for a great place to start when trying to determine your marketing mix for your company's LGBT travel community outreach!

Our #ILoveGay Twitter 360° "Tweet"
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Unknown said…
Hi Matt,

Thanks for using TweetReach by Union Metrics and sharing your results. We appreciate it!

- Sarah A. Parker
Social Media Manager | Union Metrics
Fine Makers of the Union Metrics Social Suite & more
Thanks... we absolutely LOVE TweetReach!!!
Gene Roy said…
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