How To: Web 2.0 Marketing Examples

Example: Pride Posters

I would select say Famous African-American LGBT posters ( I would then create a blog specifically for this topic only, and populate the blog with a mix of highlights of key LGBT African Americans that are on the poster, as well as grabbing current news items for this topic. The blog can use information from sources such as Wikipedia for the individuals.

I would then create one story per month that was written about either one of the LGBT African Americans and/or a story that is more in-depth that comes from news related to LGBT African American key figures (something they do, a death, etc.). This story would be posted on your site, the blog and and made available for free, with a link and logo to your site.

After a few weeks, you would then look at how your search engine placement (natural search) is doing for search terms based upon those LGBT African Americans. You should have several placements by this time. Then, take a look at other sites appearing in those search results… are any of them available to you for advertising, as well as getting your editorial stories included with the ad buy as well?

Lastly, are there other websites that aren’t necessarily search engine friendly, but are strong in the LGBT African American community nonetheless… especially those sites that might be related to the historical figures in your poster?

Separately from this, I would recommend creating a Facebook Group specifically for the Famous African-American LGBT topic. Populate it with the links to the blog and editorial postings highlighted above. In addition, if there were any events associated with this topic that you could attend, shoot photos at and upload to the Facebook Group, all the better for getting more members into your Facebook Group, utilizing the viral nature of photos on Facebook. Remember, the more members you have in your Facebook Group, the more people you can do direct marketing to based upon this topic.


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