Why Having A Website Isn’t Enough Anymore

By Kryss Shane

A History Lesson… Pre-Internet
In the days before the internet, if a person wanted to reach people, s/he had to go door to door to hand out resumes. If a company wanted to reach people, they had to spend lots of money on advertising on television, radio, and in newspapers. People never knew if they were knocking on the right doors and companies never knew whether the money they spent on advertisements was worth it.

A History Lesson… Early Internet
When most people first had computers and internet access, having a website was the gold standard in advertising one’s self or one’s product. A person or advertising agency could simply create a website with information and it would remain available to be read indefinitely! This was better than knocking on doors or hoping commercials aired at a time when potential customers were most likely to be paying attention. Eventually though, this stopped being enough. Think of this as showing up at an office with your resume, leaving it on the company’s doorstep, and hoping the boss reads it. Think of it as stapling advertisement flyers to lamp posts and hoping people read it when they walk by. Not so effective, right?!

Forget the Past… Live in the Now
Many question why they need Pink Banana Media. When you hire us, you let your dollars do more for your goals. Instead of littering light poles with your company’s flyers or placing ads that air randomly, your personal or company brand will be shared with people in your target market within the LGBT community. Avoid guessing or crossing your fingers that potential customers will stumble onto your business’ name; Pink Banana Media offers targeted social media, online video, and programmatic advertising.



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