December 2008 Gay Business Report

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Integrating Blog Content on your Site via an RSS Feed
Use DHTML or XML to integrate your blog, as well as photos and video on your website
...the attractiveness of using a blog for content management goes way beyond its ease of use and the ubiquity of its experienced user base of writers. Blogs are interactive! They allow your readers to interact and comment on any of the blog postings, and other readers can then interact and comment with each other as well. Blogs are also very structured in terms of how they store content and thus very easy for search engines to index and include in various search results. Since the blog will more than likely be pointing back to your company's main website, the increased search engine exposure should result in increased traffic to your website...

Spotlight on
Over the years, quite a few gay travel websites have come along, with some emerging as real leaders in this strong GLBT niche market. Very few, however, have managed to keep up by utilizing some of the latest technology online today including travel social networking, online video and blogs., however, is one of those exceptions....

Seniors: Investing In The Next Big Boom- Ourselves!
With the aging of the baby boomers, the redefinition of family and the new concepts of aging mean that anyone at the advent of the changes and in the right place at the right time will be ready to serve a changing senior housing and residential care market.
RainbowVision Santa Fe, serving the GLBT population, is already ahead, and Joy Silver, President/CEO, wants to take the brand internationally. She says the RainbowVision model serves the mainstream boomers as well as the GLBT population- and for similar reasons....

Other Highlights

  • Online Ad Sales with Rivendell Media
  • Finances, The Recession and Generation Y
  • Making Sense Of Social Media

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