November 2008 Gay Business Report

Monthly Gay Business Report
November 2008 Edition

A monthly companion piece to the annual Gay Market Report, this monthly publication features select new articles from the Gay Market Report, as well as Current GLBT Business News relevant to companies targeting the GLBT community. In addition, we're featuring a variety of company spotlights on unique companies in the GLBT space, as well as successful companies reaching the GLBT community.

In This Issue
5 Steps for Successful Social Media Marketing
Let's say you've gotten the approval to get your company involved in social media marketing and are ready to launch your efforts. How will you define success?

Spotlight on Clear Channel’s
Over the past few years, we've had a variety of satellite and online radio stations appear with some incredible content ranging from dance music to talk radio. We've also recently had real world, terrestrial radio stations bring their music online including 92.7 Energy out of San Francisco and 103.9 Pride FM out of Toronto. Now, we have PrideRadio, brought to us by Clear Channel, with content ranging from online music streaming to Internet on-demand music videos and podcasts....

Seniors: Invisible and Overlooked
RainbowVision's early motto was (and is) "Envisioning Our Future, Ourselves". The LGBT population has always been aware that if they did not look after themselves, no one else would. After hearing so many LGBT friends talk about buying a house together, and starting a community, Joy Silver took the lead and made the dream come true....

Other Highlights

  • GLAM Magazine Hits Hampton Roads
  • Launches New Web Site
  • Germany’s First Gay TV Channel Hits The Airwaves
  • The New Rules of Viral Marketing - eBook Download
  • The Biz Q&A:
    Leading PR Executives Talk About LGBT Marketing, Part 1 of 3

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