Introducing LGBT Brand Voice - One Unified Strategy | One Cohesive Campaign

Our team here at Pink Banana Media is excited and proud to introduce LGBT Brand Voice (, bringing the various components of a cutting-edge LGBT marketing campaign together into one comprehensive package.

Bringing the disciplines of Social Media, Content Marketing, Online Video, Targeted Programmatic Advertising, E-Mail Campaigns, Mobile Optimization, Market Research and LGBT Influencers together, the strategies and final marketing product we create for clients allow for One Unified Strategy and One Cohesive Campaign.

Our company's experience over the past 20 years has brought us to where we're at today, integrating the power of content marketing and PR with the reach of social media... merging that with traditional online strategies, including hyper-targeted banner ads, optimized for desktop, mobile and tablet viewing...  all the while monitoring and measuring for success!

Our marketing opportunities in the online LGBT community reach across virtually ALL LGBT websites online today... we can target and reach several million LGBT consumers on the Q.Digital network, Here Media's network, Gay Ad Network,, and more... as well as millions more on mobile LGBT apps including Grindr and Scruff.  In addition, LGBT consumers on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus are equally available for our clients.

Our experience allows us to provide our clients market specializations in:

  • Geo-Targeted Campaigns
  • LGBT Destination Marketing
  • LGBT Tourism/Hospitality Marketing
  • US Hispanic LGBT Market
  • LGBT Seniors
  • LGBT Business-to-Business Market
  • HIV & PrEP
  • and many more...

To learn more, please visit


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