1st Party LGBT Data with Rivendell Online Partnership - Instinct and Curve Magazines

Utilizing programmatic ad buying, in partnership with Rivendell Online, we are now able to offer access to two of the largest LGBT audiences available online, InstinctMagazine.com and CurveMag.com.

What is unique in this offering is its utilization of programmatic ad buying and real-time ad bidding. With a combined net reach of several million LGBT visitors per month, we are able to target this large LGBT audience on thousands of other websites these visitors are viewing at any given moment in time. Thus, an InstinctMagazine.com or CurveMag.com website visitor reading an article on HuffingtonPost.com can be uniquely identified and served an ad that is specific to that Instinct or Curve Magazine audience.

Using the latest in 1st party data and ad serving technology available to us in 2014, this offering marks a new level of advertising opportunities available to companies seeking to reach their own unique and specific demographics within the LGBT online community.

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