LGBT Business Census: Make Your Voice Heard

There is a lot of information about the LGBT and allied community as consumers, but the same cannot be said for business data. Be part of the first ever National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce LGBT Business and Enterprise Study now underway. The results from this survey will add significant weight to our quest for equality by outlining information that can be used to influence corporate decision makers and local, state and national elected officials. This historic survey will lead to the greatest gathering of LGBT related business data ever complied. The findings will be the key to continued growth, development and understanding of the LGBT business owners and managers and will help ensure decision makers at every level have a deeper and more accurate picture of who LGBT people are and the power we wield in the broader business community. Take the survey before it closes on April 15, 2010 and be entered to win a $500 Visa gift certificate. Stand up and be counted by taking the survey today!

Click here to take the survey:


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