Social Media Marketing HOW-TO Guide

Based upon our successful seminar and webinar series we've been presenting on Social Network and Web 2.0 Marketing over the past few years, we've developed this 17-part Social Network Marketing HOW-TO GUIDE, walking you through each step in promoting your company using social network marketing in a careful and very detailed format.

  1. Building Your Web 2.0 Business Presence

    • Facebook fan page
    • LinkedIn Group
    • Twitter Profile
    • Discuss the power of branding in the small square icon image
  2. Content Tools for your Web 2.0 Business Presence

    • Blog for the written word and integrated into Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

      • How to choose a blog software (Wordpress, Blogspot or Tumblr)
      • What to blog about - story to tell for your business
      • Examples for destination marketing
      • Commenting, labels and tags
    • Status Updates and Twitter

      • Discuss hash tags, @ symbols, etc.
    • Photos added to Flickr and integrated into Facebook, Twitter and blog
    • Video added to YouTube and integrated into Facebook
  3. How these basic social networking tools work together

    • Describe how the blog integrates with Facebook and Twitter
    • Linking Facebook fan page to Twitter
    • These social media sites (touch points) need an audience
    • Measuring this audience using
  4. Managing and promoting events in social networking
  5. Facebook News Feed

    • Facebook's news feed and the viral nature of reaching "friends of friends"
    • The basic posting of a link
    • Photos and events most viral components of Facebook news feed
    • Tricks for getting people to tag themselves in photos
    • Discuss viral nature of likes, comments and shares

      • Discuss managing comments as customer relationship management

  6. Messaging and direct communication tools in social networks
  7. Social network marketing and search

    • How is Facebook content searched
    • Every element should link back to each other
    • How is Twitter content searched (trends,, Google's new search)
    • Social network marketing and search engine optimization (SEO)
  8. Facebook advertising - how to
  9. Other social networks (automated ones including Plaxo and FriendFeed)

    • How to connect social media content in these sites
    • Tricks for adding connections/fans/followers
    • Using sites such as and
  10. Other social networks (manual)

    • Discuss how each niche community has a few key social networks worth looking at, i.e.,,, sites,, etc.
  11. Putting Twitter To Use For Your Company

    • 3rd party programs and how they can help maximize Twitter marketing effectiveness

      • TweetDeck
      • Seesmic
      • HootSuite
    • The power of the ReTweet

      • Why should you ReTweet other Twitter postings?
      • Why should your goal to be to have your Twitter postings ReTweeted?

  12. Other social networks useful for content

    • Digg - great tool for expanding the reach of articles written by your organization
    • Delicious - bookmark articles relevant to your industry. Great tool to use as a "thought leader" in your field; also has RSS feed for integration into other sites and to set up to Twitter automatically.
    • Google Reader - handy tool to highlight key articles you may like as well, similar in scope to Delicious
  13. How to make your website's content maximized for social networking tools

    • Code for thumbnail image preferences and RSS feed automation
    • Various methods of adding share buttons to a site
    • Making it quick and easy to find and join your various social networking sites
  14. Measuring Social Network Marketing ROI

    • Facebook Insights
    • Twitter's companion site,
  15. Tips and Tricks

    • Using for status updates
    • Using for larger content updates
    • Including custom HTML in your Facebook fan page
    • Commenting on blog postings, Facebook postings and LinkedIn discussions related to your industry
  16. Twitter strategies
  17. Mobile social network marketing (includes Facebook mobile as well as Google Buzz; Mobile only tools include and


Unknown said…
Needs guidance. That's the whole point of this type of marketing--you want your content to "go viral."

social media marketing
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